Course Syllabus

ACTIONS – Syllabus of Essential Objectives we need to cover in this course

Apply file management principles on local or remote networks

Create an effective presentation to demonstrate proficiency in using…

  • text
  • graphs
  • organization charts
  • tables
  • artwork
  • drawing tools
  • multimedia
  • (Instructor added: Demonstrate your skills in presenting your presentation to your classmates.)

Demonstrate an understanding of the need for safe computing practices and current methods of file backup procedures.

Demonstrate ability of online learning environment

Describe the hardware components of a computer system and Explain how they work together

Describe the general functions of the operating system and its interaction with computer hardware and applications software.

Describe the significance and threat of computer malware

Discuss importance of file management

Discuss legal and ethical issues – include copyright infringement and plagiarism

Explain the function and primary features of a word processing program

  • Creating letters
  • Creating resumes
  • Creating research papers
  • Creating newsletters
  • Mail merge
  • Desktop publishing
  • Sharing images across applications

Explain function and primary features of spreadsheet program

  • Differentiate between absolute and relative references
  • Modify a spreadsheet
  • Use various copying and formatting options
  • Build and print graph/chart
  • Use spreadsheet software to
  • design and build a spreadsheet using labels, values, formulas, and functions
  • present and analyze quantitative information
  • draw conclusions from information
  • evaluate the reliability of those conclusions

Identify and understand Internet resources and search engines for effective research and retrieval of information on a specific topic.

Identify and understand appropriate uses of these software applications in the work environment


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