V21SU Microbiology (BIO-2120-VO01)

V21SU Microbiology (BIO-2120-VO01)

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To view the complete Course Description, Essential Objectives, grading criteria and more, please click on the following link: V21SU BIO-2120-VO01

Books: March of the Microbes: sighting the unseen  by John Ingraham (ISBN: 978-0674064096) and I Contain Multitudes; the microbes within us and a grander view of life by Ed Yong (ISBN: 978-0062368607). These can be found in our bookstore or online at places such as Amazon.

Types of assignments: The course is comprised of 5 different types of assignments. You will find these assignments and their respective weights just to the right of this box.

Week-by-week: To see a breakout of what each week will bring please click on the Modules tab in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Each module represents a week of the course and will become active one day before that week's activities begin. 

Late work: As a rule I do not accept late work. However if you are having a bad week please write to me right away and we'll see what we can do. If bad weeks become a habit it is best to consider dropping the course.

Grades: Check your grades often. If something is missing you should let me know right away. The responsibility for your grade falls squarely on you.

Extra credit: There is no extra credit. You have to do the assignments that are given.

Stay in touch: The most important thing above all is to stay in touch. I am here to help you succeed. Write to me at any time via the Canvas messaging system (the Inbox icon to the far left) or by writing to me at roy.cutler@ccv.edu.


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