Course Syllabus

Course Description:

This workshop is an orientation to the requirements and expectations for taking a course through the Internet. It will cover technical considerations, academic issues and time management concerns. There will be a hands-on overview of CCV's portal environment and learning management system. Students must register to attend this free workshop which is required for first-time online students.

Essential Objectives:

  1. Identify the web addresses for CCV's public website and college portal and describe the content differences between them.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to log in to the college portal and review accuracy of personal contact information.
  3. Practice navigation of the college portal by accessing content and entering a practice course.
  4. Examine ways of accessing course content to ensure complete review of course materials and college information (e.g. CCV/VSC Service (Help) Desk).
  5. Discuss common communication options in online learning (e.g., personal email, messages feature, IM/chat, discussion forum).
  6. Differentiate the role of the forum, thread, and reply/quote in the discussion forum, discuss appropriate content and etiquette for the discussion forum, and practice posting new threads and replying to others' threads.
  7. Examine ways to complete an assignment (e.g., assignments feature, discussion forum, email) and practice completing a sample assignment and reviewing its grade and feedback.
  8. Examine ways to complete tests and quizzes and practice completing a sample quiz and reviewing its grade and feedback.

Modules as they appear in Canvas

  1. Gettings Started in Canvas
  2. Personal Settings
  3. Communication
  4. Activities in Canvas ::: Part I
  5. Activities in Canvas ::: Part II
  6. Canvas Mobile
  7. Finding Canvas Support

Course Summary:

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